Hoarding Decals


    1. Free-Standing up to 8mH
    2. No fixings required to anything
    3. Completely self-supporting system
    4. No property damaged caused for install or remove
    “Wind Rated” Free-Standing up to 4mH Due to the clever design of the inter-locking weights, the system offers a wide range of outdoor (wind rated) solutions for heights up to 4mH and wind speeds to 34m/s (122.4Kph)
  • IT’S SAFE AND SECURE A critical safety feature and specifically designed and patented to ensure the weights simply cannot be removed before the panels. Due to the patented metal plates integrated into the weights, no locking device (cable tie or chain) is required prohibit un-authorised removal.
  • SUPPORTS CROSS BEAMS A critical cosmetic feature to ensure the hoarding doesn’t move or snake around post insta. The hoarding stays straight
  • IT’S COMPACT A single stack of weights is only 46cm deep due to the clever patented features of the ‘in-built’ metal plates (It’s the narrowest hoarding system available)
  • OFFERS A SUPPORT POST This proprietary solution extends upwards from the counterweights to ensure the fulcrum point of the system is higher / increased. The support post also ensures that weights alone do not create any unseen trip-hazard.
  • OFFERS A ‘DOUBLE STACK’ SUPPORT POST This proprietary solution is specifically designed to improve the capability of outdoor hoardings that need to withstand wind pressure.
  • IT’S STABLE The standard MPG10 90×45 (4×2) timber is logically orientated on the strong axis for extra
    strength and can handle multiple panel thicknesses and types.


  • Our in-house printing department can handle any small or large jobs with exceptionally fast turnaround.
  • SAV Stock: Removable, Hi-Tack, External and internal hoarding
  • Laminate: Matt, Semi-Gloss and Gloss
  • Full skin, Or Strip

hoarding decals


  • Experienced, Certified installers, fully compliant and trained in all aspects of Hoarding Decals
  • OH&S Compliant – all documentation provided for OH&S, SWMS, Environmental, CM3 certified hoarding specialist.
  • Fully insured for Work Cover, Public Liability

Hoarding graphics

Signology provides hoarding graphics that can be made from various substrates attached to the hoarding. Hoardings are typically covered in a self-adhesive vinyl design, printed aluminium composite panels, big sail track banners, or fence mesh. Our team of professionals specialise in creating and installing hoarding graphics with expertise.

All our services are of the highest standards. We understand every work that we do, and our work ranges from designing to installation. As a professional hoarding graphics company, we follow all the safety and compliances required per Australian standards. To complete any work, we carefully take the time to select the best items and accessories that might enhance the impact of your hoarding graphics installation.

Hoarding printing

We have an expert team providing hoarding printing services with convenience and professionalism. Our hoarding printing is well thought out and installed, designed to attract maximum attention. Our hoarding printing team knows how to draw in that audience. The work demonstrates the high level of talent required for professional graphic hoarding. The best hoarding signs are what we proudly claim to provide to customers.

Hoarding graphics are a fantastic way to get your building or development noticed. Signology is a company that works closely with building companies and property developers and is at the forefront of delivering eye-catching hoardings, no matter the size of the project or the location of the hoarding.

Hoarding sticker

Signology provides high-quality hoarding stickers to businesses of all sizes. Quality hoarding stickers can be quickly installed and removed, even on short notice, and look fantastic in addition to being safe and secure.

Any signage project can be implemented and managed by our in-house production and installation staff, no matter how big or small. This includes providing different hoarding stickers for various businesses. You can always trust us with any given job, as quality is something that we are proud of. The whole team of Signology makes sure that you get visible and effectively engage the audience. Moreover, our team of installers are also passionate about providing the best installation work with ease.

Hoarding signage

Signology takes the work of designing and installing eye-catching signage that transforms your project into a unique commercial attraction. We specialise in hoarding signage. We have a passionate team of installers who love what they do. Covering all aspects of installation in the print and signage trade. Whether you need a vehicle wrap, office fit-out, point of sale or national campaign, we have got you covered.

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