Installation Process


At Signology, we believe in making the process of getting your brand and signage out there absolutely seamless and enjoyable. Any creative process is an evolution of ideas that transpire into a tangible outcome. Our signage experts follow a 4 step process in order to deliver the most satisfying and professional services in the field of Printing, Design and Advertising.

  • INCEPTIONThe first step of creating stellar advertising is to assess the space and take the client’s requirements into account. Our team of experts, including site inspectors and structural engineers, does a holistic on-site evaluation at the first stage. This team is also available to provide advice regarding the best materials for the project, the estimated cost and so on and so forth. We call this stage the INCEPTION Stage that allows us as well as our clients to sow the seeds of the ideas.
  • IDEATIONThis is the stage when we get our creative gyros rolling. Our signage designers are reputed all over Melbourne for thinking out of the box and coming up with ideas that can put your brand on the map. We have a very unique approach to advertising. Out ideas are directed towards promoting and supporting the quintessence of your brand. We have a team of market researchers that work together with the design team and the client to brainstorm and come up with a solution that covers all our client’s requirements from all angles.
  • ACTUALIZATIONNow comes to the all-important stage of translating the ideas into actuality. We take our imagination and make it into a tangible piece of art that doubles as your brand’s voice in the market. We have a team that handles all aspects of manufacturing and structural erections. We only rely only on best-in-class technology in order to create your signage. Whether it is printing or creating a structure, lamination or construction of a free-standing hoarding, lightboxes or backlit hoarding, we make it all happen. The best part is that we don’t rely on any external party nor do we outsource anything. Since we provide end-to-end services, you can expect top service always.
  • INSTALLATIONOnce the structures and the banners are ready, our team gets cracking on installing the creations to embolden your brand’s voice in the market. We have established a reputation for being the leading signage design and installation company in the market owing to our experienced and expert team. We are experts in installations of all sizes and scales of projects. We manage installations of large signages, hoarding decal and banners while keeping in mind all structural safety parameters.


Need more information on how we go about working? Want to know a little in detail about the previous projects that we have undertaken? Want to access more information about the technology that we use and our process of structure and installation? All you need to do is to reach out to us and we’ll get back to you with all the answers that you need.

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