Attractive Privacy & Security Solution.

Specially selected Crystal Frosted Premium SAV vinyl.

Can be printed in Colour or White high resolution impactful printing.

Turn your window glass into frosted glass. Create privacy while retaining light. Frosted decals are very decorative and offer a wide variety of benefits. They are perfect for security strips for shop front windows or to provide privacy in your office. Installation is easy and straightforward, and they are a cheaper, more attractive alternative to curtains and blinds.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional glass treatments, frosted glass affords you the privacy you need without emptying your pockets. Whether it’s for your office, shop front, meeting rooms, conference rooms or private residence, if it has a window, we can frost it.

Frosted windows block unsightly or unwanted views while still allowing light in. Our modern and sleek design will ensure you and your business have the privacy you need.

Talk to the Inspired Printing team today and discover the wonder of frost.

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