Perforated Self Adhesive Window Film, External Mount.

20% Perforation – 80% Printable Area.

Window Decals are great promotional tool that gets the attention of customers. Inspired Print Window decals are Vivid in colour and are usually displayed from the outside of your Retail Store door or Retail entrance.

One Way Vision is a printable perforated (hole punched) self-adhesive vinyl, used to display advertising images and graphics. When applied to a window, and looking at the printed side, you will see your graphics/advertisement. But the amazing thing about this film is that from inside, behind the window looking out, you are able to see right through the film! Perfect for creating advertising on windows, retail shop window marketing messages, sales etc, public transport windows, and also great privacy solution for office/shop windows.

The perforated nature of this material allows people from the inside to see others entering a store and thus avoiding any collisions etc which makes our solution OH&S Safe.

Available in 4-colour digital print on removable perforated (One Way Vision) self-adhesive material. Removable Decals are supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive that is formulated with a low level of adhesion so that it can be applied easily and cleanly removed.

Vibrant and explosive. Absolutely stunning print quality. Get block out SAV results from a One Way Vision window film. Reduces solar heat and glare. Maximum Impact for your graphics to stand out

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