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Rubicon Restaurant

The new Rubicon restaurant in Essendon seamlessly combines authentic Italian cuisine with casual elegance and style. The name Rubicon originated from Julius Caesar's crossing of the Rubicon river in northern Italy. It became one of ancient history's most pivotal events. From it sprang the Roman...

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The Master’s Hand

Internal poster for re-branding exercise of 'The Master's Hand' barber. We mocked up the visuals for the front of the shop as well as internal posters and branding. At high resolution, all art was prepared for large format printing including lamination....

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Charcoal Chick-in

Our designs for Charcoal Chick-in were strongly retail oriented with a fast food feel. We developed sketches and worked with our customer closely, fine tuning the design to the final look with colour. We then proceeded with price lists, internal signage for display and back-lit light boxes...

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Seafood D’lite – windows and indoor branding

Seafood D'lite, Sydenham, Melbourne – are a quality seafood, fish n' chips take away that do it better than most. Quality ingredients, fresh seafood are the key! Signology developed and mocked up new signage for external banners, wall designs and light boxes. Top notch graphic...

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Captain’s Store window signage

The Captain's Store was an excellent opportunity to develop a new business brand. At Signology, we prototype visuals using pen and paper before taking to the computer. The client only sees our favourite design!  We then develop the logo and graphics based on measurements we've...

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